June 02, 2020

Lets Stop Racism NOW

This year has presented the greatest battles we never thought we would ever encounter. Unexpected calamities. Threats of Terrorism. The Pandemic Fiasco. And now, RACISM.


We all know by now how the sad incident that took place this week in the U.S unfold to our very own eyes. I don’t even know how to start this. No words can describe how miserable it felt to witness a helpless man go through something so painful as that.

On behalf of the Escape Family, we sympathize with the Floyd Family. Our hearts and condolences go out to all of you. To our brothers and sisters from the Black Community who are hurting, we feel your hurt. We all are hurting. No one deserved this kind of treatment. 

It’s sad that it takes one man’s life, for us to open our eyes to the sad reality that’s really happening around us.


How Did We Get Here?

It’s hard to grasp the truth that in today’s world, RACISM is still a big problem. I thought we have evolved as humans, that we've become more loving and sensitive to other people’s emotions. 


It’s funny how technology has evolved and advanced, but humans on the other hand, stopped and still lived from the past. Some of us are still stuck from this rut of “same old mentality”.


We still can’t accept that WE ARE ALL THE SAME. No race, language, gender or status shall make anyone feel that they’re superior or inferior. None of us are better than anyone else. We all are equals. But why is it hard to accept for some?


We created stereotypes that are not even real. We made assumptions about a person’s life by judging their skin color. This problem goes beyond racism. We are too stuck in this toxic system that feels almost impossible to escape. 


Real talk, our problems are skin-deep. It’s a problem inside of us that only us can fix, if only we sincerely allow it to. 


Our Voice Has A Purpose. Let it BE HEARD.

We are grateful that our team has the privilege to utilize this online platform to influence and become a voice for positive change. And we would like to take this opportunity to support a common cause.


We stand together with our brothers and sisters all over the world to let them know that #BlackLivesMatter. 


Join us in our Socials via Facebook Group and Instagram Community where together, we will unite.


Once and for all let’s not focus on ourselves and be more selfless. I know that all lives matter but in this crisis that we are now facing, let’s gather together in solidarity to support our Black Community.


This can’t go on over and over again. We have to do our part and contribute to realize that positive change that we have been asking for. We always wanted change but we can’t even start on ourselves.


Let’s do our part and start the change in ourselves.


Don't Be Trashy But Fight With Dignity


I can understand how others are feeling right now. You're angry, hurt and desperate to fight for justice.I know some of us have lost our faith to the system. We can't rely on it anymore, trust has been broken and too hard to restore. 


But these emotions can be channeled into something positive. Our voices are precious and I hope we'll use it wisely.


Peaceful protests can already make a significant change. Riots and looting are totally unnecessary. We are better than that.


Trampling the country and even your own people is not the solution. We don't need to shed another blood that has already been shed. If this is the case, we are no different than those people who persecuted us.

Let's do this together but in a peaceful manner. Let not your heart go astray and focus on the fight that we need to win together.


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