Thirst-Quenching Drinks to Hydrate Your Skin this Summer
July 23, 2020

Thirst-Quenching Drinks to Hydrate Your Skin this Summer

We understand why you can’t keep the temperature down, ‘cause you’re too hot to handle!

But kidding aside though, you definitely need to watch out for the hot temperature this summer. Too much heat if not prevented, can pose risks for your health such as: skin problems (breakouts), heat rash, dehydration or worse heat stroke.

So, Drink your WATER Babe!

Do you ever notice how celebrities were asked about their skin routine? They always say that they drink lots of fluids such as water, more than 8 glasses a day. They’re for real! Water has the ability to cleanse out bad toxins from your body while also keeping you hydrated. Plus it’s zero calorie and free at home.

However, water can be too bland sometimes and we wanted something else to quench our thirst. Well, fret no more because we have listed down drinks that can make your skin more hydrated and radiant as ever.

Healthy Drinks to Achieve that Glorious Skin

Lemon Water

The next time you visit the grocery store or farmer’s market, make sure you’ve grabbed your hands on those bright yellow lemons. According to, lemon water is packed with health benefits that can truly do wonders for your body.

Lemons are naturally rich with Vitamin C which strengthens your immune system. Our immune system is in-charge against fighting harmful bacteria and viruses (oops rona) that can make you ill. Also, Vitamin C found in lemon is said to have amazing powers to help stop your skin from wrinkling. It’s a natural anti-aging drink that not only hydrates but radiates  your skin.

Chia Water

Chia seeds have been gaining popularity among health conscious and individuals who maintain a plant-based diet. These wonder seeds made it on the list as one of the “superfoods” that you should start including in your daily diet.

Consuming chia seeds with water daily can not only help improve your skin and digestive tract. It’s packed with omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that helps fight ageing, skin problems and inflammation. It’s also rich in fiber which boosts digestion and aids weight loss. This drink is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Coconut Water

Doesn’t matter if you’re in the tropics or not, you definitely need coco water in your life. It’s the best hydrating drink whether it’s consumed cold or just by itself. It’s just perfect for the summer heat especially when you’re hanging out at the beach or pool.

Coconut water offers great health benefits that your body will surely thank you for. It has antioxidants, of course that is good for the skin. It aids against kidney stones, diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems. It’s less in calories and definitely an affordable drink perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Almond Milk

Ditch your regular cow’s milk and make a big switch with almond milk. I know almond milk is quite expensive than the regular ones but to save a few bucks, you can always DIY. Get some fresh almonds at the farmer’s market, soak it with water overnight and blend it the next day. Voila! You got your very own homemade almond milk. 

Almond milk is good for you since it has fewer calories but exudes with health benefits. Almonds have antioxidants and free radicals that protect your skin cells from damage. It’s also rich in protein and healthy fats that helps build muscle tissues.  Note: Do not use this if you’re allergic to nuts.

Green Tea

Ever wonder how Japanese people stay slim amid all that mouth-watering sushi and ramens. It’s that green tea, girl. Every after meal, they chug it like water. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks that you can make in an instant. All you need is a tea bag and hot water.

Green tea will not only help you cut unwanted fats, but it also helps your body to heal. It has antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids skin problems. It has polyphenols that fight oil secretion from the pores that causes pimples and acne. When you’re making your green tea, take advantage of its steam and pull your face a bit closer to naturally detox your skin and keep it hydrated. 

It’s your turn, Babe. Spill the tea! 

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Jocelle Marañon-Rebollar

Escape Swimwear Team