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Why Mental Health is Important During Quarantine

  When you watch TV, you see corona. When you turn on the radio, you hear corona. When you scroll on social media, it's still about corona. I mean, when is it going to end? Only God knows. What you see and hear from the news can get overwhelming at times. This challenging situation we're in can make you feel scared and worried. It's normal because this virus is no joke. But while it's important to stay alert and be informed, sometimes you need to pause and breathe. Our lives have already changed in some ways over the period of months. We haven't seen our families and friends, stopped our normal daily routines, adjusting with the new "social distancing" and...

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Is Summer 2020 Really Cancelled?

Nothing has prepared us for this pandemic. Out of nowhere we're all locked up in our homes trying to stay safe and sane in this on-going crisis. Then the next thing I know is that three months has already passed and..POOF! I asked myself, "Is it almost SUMMER?!" I know how you feel, because we're on the same boat. I know everyone's excited for summer. We all just want this coronavirus to go away and have some fun again. But with the current stats failing to flatten the curve, our summer vibe might be on a temporary halt. Shall I Go Ahead With My Summer Holiday or Cancel? According to, "in an effort to prevent spreading the virus, many...

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