My name is Nancy V, and I am the founder of Escape Swimwear.

The reason I created this company was to allow women to feel confident in their own skin. We strive to inspire self-love - to portray an image to ourselves and others that we are perfect in every curve or stretch mark - just the way that you are. I used to dream of wearing bikinis, feeling confident, travelling and taking photos to document every moment. So, instead of leaving it as a pinterest board.... I made it come to real life.

Escape Swimwear is a growing online e-commerce business since 2019 and has made a trademark in today's fashion swimwear industry. The mass and heavy online presence for Escape Swimwear has provided value for the everyday women on social media. The line 'ESCAPE' is to leave today's norm society expectations, and to be where we feel our best self whether it is at at home, a local beach, or on vacation. To escape is not just a feeling, but a sense of another home - where you are safe, and that you could go to at any given time. It is a sacred sanctuary. Building the inner confidence to wear swimwear in public while also feeling beautiful. I personally think that when you put on a bikini, it should be like you are 'escaping' from where you currently are... to the best version of yourself, at the beach, cocktail in hand and a book in the other.

Escape Swimwear is different because we cater to every single customer, and more importantly, we are about inclusivity. We provide the best designs with luxe quality in the market with the fairest and competitive prices. When you buy from us, you’re helping to grow the community of female family - another woman who needs a like minded individual like you in their lives.

We are a Canadian based brand and design, but we are inspired by styles from all over the globe. We embrace femininity and curves, and even better - we deliver WORLDWIDE.

Thank you for stopping by and we can't wait to see you rock our pieces!


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