July 02, 2020

Virtual Interview With Founder: Inspiration Behind Our Brand

Escape Swimwear Founder, Nancy Vong’s empowering words on being a “Boss Lady” and keeping the business afloat during Pandemic Crisis

“But with every adversity is also an opportunity. As long as you look for the right doors, they will open.”

This week, Escape’s Founder, Nancy Vong, spilled the beans about her success in  business and as well as sharing her pandemic story on how her company overcame the struggles brought by covid-19. 

Amidst her crazy schedule and multiple roles to juggle, we are grateful that she had granted us this rare opportunity to have a “virtual interview”. I know you’re also curious and excited to get to know the woman behind Escape’s stylish swimwears. Well, here you go!

What’s the Inspiration behind Escape Swimwear’s brand?

Escape Swimwear is inspired by many. By the simple things around us, family, friends, influencers, celebrities - everything you can think of. We find beauty in the simplest things and turn it into something special. That is what makes us unique.

What was the first swimwear design that Escape released and how did you feel about it?

The first design we released was the Coco set, in which we still carry as of today. It is one of our best sellers and will continue to last through all the times and trends.

Which Escape Swimwear design best describes you and why?

The best design that describes me is the “BIANCA” one piece! It’s not only a one piece, (which is more of my style) but it also has a little strap tie, and the two thin shoulder straps are amazing as well. 

What do you think you’ve learned about yourself since founding your own brand?

Ever since starting this as a side business, I’ve learned that I’m able to put anything as long as I work for it. Be resourceful, consistent and you will succeed at anything you do. 

Catering customers around the world is quite a job to fulfill, as a sole business owner how do you maintain work life balance?

As a business owner, I am nothing without my team! We are able to help and strive together, as well as grow. The work life balance comes after the imbalance :) 

With the pandemic going on, what business strategies have you changed to keep the business afloat?

With the pandemic, it is easy to be worried and not know where your business is heading. But, with every adversity is also an opportunity. As long as you look for the right doors, they will open.

As the “new normal” has started, can you share with us the new norms you’ve implemented and how it affects the company?

Ever since this has started and affected all of our lives, my team has permanently started to work from home! We have less campaigns and meet ups in person, but it is fine - because with the beauty of technology, we can still stay in touch at just a phone call away!

Your brand empowers women and self love a lot, how has this taught you about the power of sisterhood and loving imperfections?

This has taught me so much about myself, my loved ones and how proud I am of women who stand up for themselves. Whether it’s believing in yourself, building confidence to go out in a bikini or simply taking the courage to even start a healthier lifestyle journey!

What tips and advice can you impart to all the women out there who are planning to start their own business?

All I have to say is just to stay consistent and work hard :) Things come to those who are patient.

One last thing, what can we look forward to for Escape? 

Be on our newsletter and stay on our socials! We update everyday and release new styles every month. We sell out fast and we’re going into a direction that no other world class swimwear brand has done yet ;) Stay tuned...

Nancy’s story is truly an inspiration for all the women-preneurs out there that are striving to build their own empire and break boundaries. We at Escape believe that one day you will have your very own success story.

Remember, “Good things come to those who are patient.”

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Jocelle Marañon-Rebollar

Escape Swimwear Team