June 23, 2020


How long has it been since the pandemic horridly surprised us this 2020? I’m definitely not counting. This virus is not what we expected to be, but there it is easily tearing our quiet lives apart without a notice. Establishments closing down due to lockdowns, companies filing for bankruptcy and employees being laid off is not a wonderful sight to look at.

For everyone whose dreams have been shattered, we at Escape feel your dread. It must be hard to juggle the problems with the virus and also take care with your financial woes. You know what they say, “when it rains it really pours”. But this is not the end. You can still do a come back.

Losing a job can make it easier for us to sulk and be salty about it. I mean, nobody likes to be laid off just like that. It’s normal to feel the anger, disappointment and doubts to yourself as to why the company let you go. 

But girl, it's not YOU. It’s the pandemic.

So instead of doubting and questioning yourself whether you’re competent enough as a worker or listing down the reasons why they didn’t keep you, it’s better to move forward past it. 

Here’s what you can do to slowly bounce back from your job loss.

Don’t Hold Back Your Emotions

Losing a job is like going through a break-up, it makes you heartbroken and in denial at the same time. It might sound unreal the first time you hear about it then it starts hitting you the truth. It’s over now between you and your employer.

If you need to let go of your emotions then do so. It’s normal to feel sad and disappointed. If you wanna cry, cry it out. Weep until you’re tired of weeping. Release it all and don’t let that tiny bit of negative emotions stay inside you. Remember to not let your emotions turn you into a monster by making a scene in the office. Walk away with pride and dignity.

Don’t Burn Bridges

I understand that you feel hurt and angry towards your employer for letting you go in this time of crisis. But know that these companies are also trying to save their business other than their employees. They need to make tough choices to stay afloat.

I know it can be hard but you can express sympathy to your employer. Thank them for the career they’ve provided to you and all the lessons you’ve learned from them that you can apply in the future. Instead of walking away like a stranger, let them know that whenever the business recovers in the future, you’d be willing to join the company again.

Your employer will surely remember this gesture and maybe who knows, you’ll end up working for them again.

Accept and Reflect

Once you’ve let go of all the negative feelings, it will become easier for you to accept the situation and move on. Learning how to accept and stop controlling on what’s going around you is a special skill you get to practice overtime.

Once you’ve accepted the truth, reflect on the situation. Go somewhere peaceful or visit your “happy place” to do some thinking. Maybe this is the time where you can turn things around. You might reconsider career transition, a break or volunteer to serve the community.

Once you’ve made a decision, make sure this is something that can make you happy and help you move forward.

Consider Working from Home

If you’ve read our previous blog, we’ve made a hot list of work from home jobs that you might be interested to check out here.

The “new normal” is not all bad. Back then, working from home was just a surreal dream but now it’s a dream come true. Take advantage with this opportunity and jumpstart your new career at home.

Reach Out To Someone

If you’re still struggling to move past from the situation, don’t deal with this alone. Talk to people you trust the most like your family and friends. Seek for help with a professional or join support groups that are going through the same situation.

Our Escape Online Community is also here to support you. Reach out to us in our socials and share whatever you’re feeling.

Whichever route you’ll take, make sure you share that with someone.

Cheer up Babe!


Jocelle Marañon-Rebollar

Escape Swimwear Team