Escape Swimwear is committed to helping women feel empowered and confident in their own bodies. This is something we've been striving for since 2019, to make a difference in today's world of feminism and a movement of living a free + uninterrupted life as a woman.

35% of women worldwide have experienced some sort of sexual harassment throughout their lifetime. 

In the United States, 70% of rape is committed by someone that the victim knows.

Globally, estimated 736 million women are subjected to intimate partner and non-partner sexual violence. That's ONE out of THREE women you may know.

Escape has partnered with a local Vancouver organization that has trauma-informed feminist support to survivors of sexualized violence.
They provide such values that here in Escape, we are also aligned with:
Responding to calls for action from communities to serve and recognize opportunities for growth.
Creating spaces for survivors to define their needs without judgement. 
Honour and centre different ways of being and knowing.
Leaders at the forefront of service provision and social change.
Honour that survivors experts of their experiences and have the right to choose  their own paths to healing and justice.

With every single order made to Escape Swimwear, 10% of the proceeds go to WAVAW'S vision for a future free from sexualized violence.

Proceeds go to hours of crisis line support, hours of one-to-one counselling, indigenous counselling, police and court accompaniment, family counselling, support of LGBTQ+ community, accompanies survivors to the hospital, and group support counselling.