July 10, 2020


Summer season is still on and we can’t wait to strut our cute and sultry swimsuits under the sun. But thanks to the pandemic, our summer vibe was cut short. 

Especially if you’ve already purchased and prepared for your summer OOTDs, it would be such a bummer to discover that your swimsuits will end up in that dark closet room. 

But fashionistas like us beg to disagree. Swimsuits do not belong to the closet. It belongs to your body. IT SHOULD BE WORN CONFIDENTLY.

Although you’re not travelling to Bali or Hawaii anytime soon, your swimsuits can still be of good use. Why not use it for casual or daily wear? Yep, you heard me right!

Here’s a Sure Fire Way to Wear Swimsuit for Casual Wear

  • Get on your Street Style with Cargo Pants

  • Cargo pants are still on fire this 2020. Pair up your safari cargo pants with an Astrid one-piece black suit for that chic-swagger vibe. Accessorize it with a bulky leather fanny pack and oversized beanie. Complete the overall look with a pair of white sneakers. 

  • Level up your Sweatpants

  • Dress up like you’re on your way to the gym or maybe you just finished your yoga session. Step up your good old sweatpants and pair it with an Elisa white bikini top. Go for dark minimalist colors for your sweatpants. Finish it up with a stylish oversized jacket. Don’t zip it all the way up or leave it open and let your bikini top stand out.

  • Show that Cute High-Waist Denim Shorts

  • High-waist denim shorts are always perfect for summer casual wears. Let go of your typical white shirt pairing and replace it with a Bianca one-piece. The Bianca suit is a perfect pairing for any high-waist denim shorts since the mid-waist ribbon adds texture to the overall look. No need to add a belt! Complete the look with your dark sunglasses and army boots. 

  • Go Boho-chic with your Long Flowy Summer Skirt

  • Got some Sunday brunch plans with the girlfriends? Impress them with a classic boho look pairing your flowy floral skirt with Rachel lemon bikini top. Complete the whole package with dangling earrings and a pair of espadrille heels. A perfect combo outfit for the hot summer weather. This will let you feel like having brunch with your girlfriends in Barcelona or Cancun.

  • Wear your One-piece Suit Like a Dress

  • If somebody just invited you for a last casual date night and you don’t know what to wear, look no further. Your black one-piece is here to the rescue. Pair up your leather high-waist side slit midi skirt and a sultry Venus one-piece black suit. Go for the win with a pair of your red stilettos and voila! You’re definitely looking gorgeous on your date night in less than five minutes. Your date will surely can’t take his eyes off of you.

    As Bill Cunningham said,

     “Fashion is the Armor to Survive the Reality of Everyday Life.” 

    The last time I check there’s no strict rule that says that bikinis or swimsuits are limited to the beach and pools. If you feel like wearing them on a casual day (I mean don't wear just the  bikini by itself in public), then do it girl! As long as you feel good, comfortable and creative with your style, you can never go wrong with it. 

    How about you? Is there any Casual Bikini-Style that you enjoy and would like to share with us?

    Please don’t forget to leave a comment down below or share your thoughts on our Escape Socials: IG, twitter community, FB and Linkedin page. 

    Stay in Style Loves!


    Jocelle Marañon-Rebollar

    Escape Swimwear Team